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Today’s  I have to I share with you a short recipe But it’s delicious, we’ll see how Make some black or dirty pancakes.

As he calls it in some parts and The reason why I wanted to make this video Because we’ve been one for years eat black pie 2 because Easy to do and 3 is Because they have few ingredients for it.

Black Cakes

Without wasting any more time let’s get started Make black pancake batter The ingredients you will need are Half a kilo of wheat flour 60 g Butter at room temperature 250 50gm of warm water 10 grams of common sugar from dry yeast or 25g fresh yeast and 10 grams of salt to cover.

let’s Use 250 grams of brown sugar or sugar Brown 30 grams flour and 40 grams regular sugar As I said before.


Black Cakes

This recipe is for you It is very easy to be the first step Sprinkle with yeast and sugar Water We’ll mix this until dissolved Yeast completely and then Let’s cover with a piece of paper Movie.

Now we’ll let her rest About 10 minutes at room temperature and You will notice how at this time Yeast already begins to ferment if it enters Where do you use dry yeast? Fresh yeast does not need to leave it Just rest 10 minutes.


Black Cakes

Dissolve yeast in water and You can use the other hand let’s mix Flour with salt and in Center pour the yeast mixture  We will start merging all Ingredients and when you see I don’t know anymore can unite more we’ll pass it on to Switch and pass with hands.

This is a very hard dough It may take a bit to put everything together But I kept kneading because in the end you will join.

Finally we have the butter We will spread little by little on Dough and knead until homogeneous I use butter at a temperature The environment because it makes it a little Easier to incorporate into dough.

Black Cakes

But yes You forgot to take it out of the fridge Over time there is no problem you can Cut into small pieces and put on Dough and kneading will soften The same warmth of hands When everything is combined we will Keep kneading for another 5 minutes To get a very soft dough and flex.

We will put the dough in the bowl We’ll cover it up and now we’ll let it go Half an hour rest  When this time passes we will do Roll out the dough about half cm on the counter Cleaning this paste should not stick to table.

Black Cakes I Homemade Black Cakes Easy Recipe

Black Cakes

But if you notice it if you are passes you can spray a little of flour And The ones I prepared according to Only in ice cream and what are we going to Do is cut circles and support us a Skin close to the other.

Here I am Using a 7 cm cut diameter but you can also make them Bigger, smaller, or even if not You don’t have chopping, can you do it Cut squares cut them.

Once again we cover them and we will Let comfort even where in your Size yes where you live is hot they will do Lift faster than if it was cold like this Who is checking it to see when In the meantime, they are ready Take advantage of preparing the coverage.

Black Cakes

That’s why we simply mix the three Ingredients I love this move Do it yourself so you can do it Disarm well-formed groups with black sugar When the dough is ready Wet.

So painful at the top that Sugar can stick and let’s Cover all circles with Abundant amount of topping Afraid to add too much sugar Because it is a deceptive video on the horizon and not As far as it seems.

We’ll cook this in the oven Heats to 220 degrees for 12 to 14 minutes when we’re ready Let them apenitas warm and they ready to serve.

Black Cakes

I Like I was saying, they seem to have a lot Sugar but if you see it now in reality Not much would have looked good soft and fluffy Uh  So what do you think of this recipe?

To try I hope so You also have other options for For example you can only do with white sugar or once as well It is known that you can cut it in half and Fill me with dulce de leche.

Black Cakes

I especially like this stuff so much They like it but everyone is with their doctor like that How good is this all I have for it Today and before leaving don’t forget Subscribe to that cute let’s not do And now if good luck and even the following Farewell Uh

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