FLAN WITHOUT OVEN and with ONLY 3 ingredients



let’s see how to prepare a file A very easy homemade pie without an oven and Made with only three ingredients  we’ll start in Ingredients.


You will need This plan is three eggs 75 grams sugar and 330ml of milk for each The other side we have candy and This needs 60 grams of sugar 30 milliliters of cold water and 40 milliliters Hot water.

This is the first step I’m going to show you It’s my choice here I’m a little involved with Keep rating the templates.

We’re going to use for the sandwich but if you use a file Mold with a smooth edge this is not Necessary because this template has the edge Crispy will need a little more Helps separate themselves.

But in case you are using machine Soft edge you just pass knife around the edge and voila Imagine if you passed by A knife on the edge of this one breaks everything Plan now.

We will do Caramel for this we put sugar and cold water in a pot and put it On a strong fire we will do this Cook.

FLAN WITHOUT OVEN and with ONLY 3 ingredients


Until it becomes caramel Light brown color and there are two things Take into account when making Candy One of those things is that there is no Even from stirring sugar.

When it melts and everything is liquid and the other is that with a brush Moisten with a little extra water We’ll clean the edge of the bowl Because what is stuck there will burns faster And Then when the caramel color.

We wanted to get him out of the fire Add hot water very quickly and We cover it, keep in mind that this will happen Get a lot of steam at once Be careful not to burn the tests.

So we leave it on for a few seconds and immediately Throw it into the molds I I make 2 plans out of 10 cm but if you make it smaller.


It will give you more like this caramel add water end no It will harden and remain tough but will remain with the consistency of a So thick sauce will leave this to the side and we’ll do pancake mix…

That’s why we’re going to mix eggs Just to break them and then you add sugar  Mix again to combine sugar and on the other hand we will heat it Milk but without boiling  Without stopping to beat the eggs.

We will do it Add hot milk and We integrate well  Wonderful  Now we will pass the mixture through a Fine sieve to remove bubbles and Any remaining small group of an egg  With this mixture.

flan recipe


We will fill The molds do not need to be stressed twice times but this way it won’t stay No bubble but you will be left Homogeneous and perfect plan like who showed you in the beginning.

Now we are going to cover the molds Plastic wrap and make sure it fits well Edge closed so as not to enter Water or  com  We will put the order or template Into a bowl and we’ll put it Hot water cut to half Template height.

We’ll put this On a low heat up to Make the march because we don’t want to Boil the water and cover it with this The way we’re going to cook it for 20 minutes.

Then we turn off the fire and leave it Another 10 minutes in this hot water The molds I’m using are from IKEA and They make the pie your indie ximo uses wavy edges.

But if you Using a smaller mold goes cooking To be a little faster then They are smaller you can cook several In a greater extent then Get it out of the water and we’ll do it Cool for six hours.


Before that to serve Like I said at the beginning to Disassemble the lamps that you can pass knife around the edge and symantec up Edges like me peel off on their own turn them around a little.

Now we will deliver them on We shake the plate and slightly towards it Up and down and you will feel when you fall on the plate  Download the template and voila, it’s ready To serve on its own with dulce de leche.


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