Quick and Easy Dessert – No-Bake, Gelatin-Free Cake – 5 Ingredients



How to make super super candy Quick and easy 5 options without gelatin And the only thing we’ll do is put them together.

We take this time to serve the slope of the hill It’s basically a strawberry strawberry Or strawberry with cream and if this has not happened before You have prepared dessert and want to start for something uncomplicated.

This is a very excellent option What kind of cake you can serve as a file Poster for example after a meal Why don’t you eat cake birthday.

Gelatin-Free Cake

If you don’t have much Experience in the kitchen or if you have Experience but what you don’t have Recipe time for you.

So we’re going to make this cake You only need 300 grams of vanilla Half a liter of heavy cream or sour cream To beat 300gm of strawberries or Strawberry 100 grams of powdered sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

The first thing we’ll do is cut about 1 cm in one of Vanilla tips because of this form when you stop do not fall when Cut it, it is convenient to use like it guide until we have all same height.

Gelatin-Free Cake

On the other hand, we will cut into cubes The strawberries have been washed and dried, yes Would you like to make this cake from The season can replace strawberries For example canned peaches.

Since Found all year round Obviously it all depends on Where you live as well as from time general We’ll put this aside and Now we’ll whip the cream together Vanilla essence and sugar.

This is imperceptible, we will overcome it until That the cream takes a point when it is itself has a thick consistency and Form tops company yes it has a lot Be careful not to overpower the extra element.

 Gelatin-Free Cake

Gelatin-Free Cake

Because You can cut once we are ready Put inside the piping bag with Soft or curly nozzle, whichever you prefer Love it and we can go to the pool Here I have a ring with a diameter of 18 cm With nothing on the base we’ll put a file.

The vanilla we cut into Start all over the hoop one by one Combined with no collar like This you can use the top of it Removable template or eg Form a ring with acetate and glue well So don’t disarm When all the edge is covered.

let’s go To put more whole vanilla in Down where you can see it doesn’t all go in We’re going to cut it to cover As much as possible.

Gelatin-Free Cake

Now we’ll take the cream and we’ll do it layer it on vanilla Then we put on top of the form couple half strawberry and Cover it with a little cream We’ll cover it with another layer of vanilla.

And we’ll just press a little We drown them in cream in this way, no We just avoid having holes in The center but also the cake Stay with a little tighter and so It will not disarm when cut.

Now we will repeat everything The same steps, no layer of Another cream of strawberry and another of cream and other vanilla.

Let’s cover this last layer of Vanilla with a little cream and We will hardly match in surface Finally we’ll take the rest Cream and we’ll make a few cups in it the whole surface Uh.

Immediately we can remove the ring and Carnotta cake is usually linked With a ribbon with a bow and there it is When we can really customize it as you need With pink or blue quotes.

 Gelatin-Free Cake

Gelatin-Free Cake

If it’s for birthday man or woman or Mix different colors to form For example a football team or with Strips like these to serve this Holiday dessert I Before applying, it can be added Some candles everywhere or some.

Gelatin-Free Cake

The decoration is in the middle so you have Cake ready in less than 10 minutes this We will cool it between 6 and 8 hours before serving because during This time the vanilla sucks Certain moisture of the cream and therefore no It is too hard or dry well Looks like you’ll love this cake Easier recipes plus recipes They are more complicated.

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