Lemon Cake – Super Easy Recipe



Welcome  Today’s we have another short recipe I use it all the time to make cakes Let’s see the decorated and carved cakes.

How to make lemon sponge cake It is basically multipurpose and why I say this is that this cake is not only Perfect for use on decorated cakes.

Lemon Cake

But also that delicious if it Serve alone or if you cook it fit Some cupcakes made with cupcakes This recipe is covered with meringue.

I promise you an Italian or Swiss meringue It’s going to be your new favorite anyway Besides being really tasty Why did you make this recipe? All the time because in just two The steps are now ready to take to the oven.

And you don’t even need a blender Now if the ingredients you’re going to This recipe needs three Egg 150 ml of oil 50 ml of lemon juice Lemon flavor 360 grams of common sugar 200 grams of natural yogurt 350 grams of whole wheat.

Lemon Cake - Super Easy Recipe I LEMON CAKE RECIPE

Lemon Cake

Flour Use or flour 4 zeros and 10 grams of Baking powder Let’s make this cake let’s get started Mixing flour with powder Bake and leave this aside On the other hand.

We’ll mix everything Together, the three eggs, oil and juice lemon yoghurt lemon peel and sugar  Okay Mix this up to get it homogeneous mixture and then we will Add dry ingredients.

That We got mixed up at first This we will add twice and Sift them directly above Prepare and then start with Half and mix until combined and Then we repeat with the other half.

Lemon Cake

Let’s mix vigorously so no We do not have a small selection of flour and Then we will unpack the preparation Within 18 or 20 molds cm diameter with paper Butter or butter paper on the base and on the border.

We’ll cook this in the oven Preheated to 180 degrees around for an hour or so when pierced when it’s ready Let’s cool down and then we can Remove the mold and serve or cut into layers According to the use you will give it.

Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake

We even have some examples of cakes I made with this recipe and fillings Like lemon you want lemon water cream or Some raspberry toilet cream My favorite groups As always I hope you enjoyed This video and if you try to do it Recipe.

Lemon Cake

Tell me what you think of Comments I’m 100% sure they do To love now, yes that’s it for today Good luck and until next time Farewell

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