Ferrer Mousseo Rocher – EASY Cake / Dessert – no bake or gelatin



I have to share Super Rich Recipe Super easy mousse cake Ferrero Rocher who leads us to Ne Cooking and gelatin.

This dessert consists of Three crunchy base preparations Mousse from center and covered Of course the first thing we’ll do is The base and components you will go to You need 100 grams of chocolate Milk 60g puffed rice 60 grams of chopped hazelnuts and 60 grams by Nutella Like.

Ferrer Mousseo Rocher

I told you, this is very easy Let’s start mixing inside a file A bowl of fluffy rice with a plate Nut We will leave this to side stand On the other hand we will melt Milk chocolate and this you can Make a bath marie or in the microwave.

I always use the microwave to do this Faster when it’s already melted Add Nutella and mix until To merge.

Now we’re going to get rid of the mix Chocolate and Nutella on rice Puffed and hazelnut and let’s mix This is so that it covers the chocolate All pieces of rice and hazelnut Instead of today’s template.

I will be Using a 20 cm diameter hoop A strip of acetate on the edge and this I have a silicone pad So that it does not stick inside the ring We will unpack the previous setting and With the help of the spoon we will do Match and carry a little towards Edges here.

I recommend not to do too much Pressure because if not the norm Too compressed and then too compact It’s hard to cut if you have a mould Round silicone.

Ferrer Mousseo Rocher

You can also use Instead of that  Don’t worry if this doesn’t suit you super perfect because the idea is that You have this rustic look We’ll take it to the fridge and we can Keep making mousse for this.

let’s go You need 330ml of cream Milk or whipping cream 180 gm of Semi-sweet chocolate 140 gm from Nutella another 70,000 liters of cream Milk or whipping cream is separate From 330 and 120 grams of sugar Imperceptible to the moose let’s Start melting the chocolate Half bitter with 70 milliliters of Generous Again.

This is what I do in microwave This we will mix well and then We add Nutella Mix again until complete All the ingredients and that’s where we’re going Set aside for a few minutes to Let the temperature drop In the meantime.

Ferrer Mousseo Rocher

We’ll be whipping up the cream Milk with powdered sugar Until this thickens and you see How the beater leaves marks on Cream if you want this I know too Can be hit by hand but obviously with The blender is much faster.

Now let’s take this mixture We had chocolate and we will go Add about 3 or 4 tablespoons of Generous We’ll mix this up to achieve a Softness then consistency.

We get rid of the cream completely  We beat again to complete with We finished part moss The little time it takes to prepare the mousse Basic chocolate should already contain solidify.

Ferrer Mousseo Rocher

Ferrer Mousseo Rocher

So let’s dump Inside the preparation we just made end up With the help of the spoon we will do Match the surface and fetch Edge Cream Immediately we take this to the freezer until This is the firmament of the cover.

We will do Use 100g of chocolate though 100gm heavy cream or sour cream To beat and 100 grams of hazelnut pitted but not too Girls like everything else.

This is also very easy first, let’s go To melt chocolate with cream and yes You guessed it how hot too microwave.

We’ll mix this up until we integrate and Then we add the nuts Mix again and that’s what we’ll do Pour into the mold over the mousse Occurred Once again we collect and take a file The freezer is the reason I like it Freezing this kind of candy.

Ferrer Mousseo Rocher

Because This way it is much easier to remove  Then when he takes the deck Consistency we’ll remove the loop and Then we’ll pass the candy to A Plate or tray for this.

I recommend Hold the cake by the base that Firmer part then simply acetate download  At this moment I am very order Gently place the putty knife around the edge To make it smoother but this my choice.

Finally we will use 12 Ferrero Rocher to decorate simply We’ll rest on the top edge of the cake and that’s it I love how this cake looks with Different materials.

Ferrer Mousseo Rocher

Ferrer Mousseo Rocher

Because the base With soft and crunchy music Finally and finally covered Thick and creamy but with just a little hint Crispy too in pieces Dried fruit is a fact that can not be missed To keep this cake you have to Always keep it in the fridge and yes Which.


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