Alfajores Marplatenses (Havanna type)



Today’s  we have a great recipe The super-rich we’ll prepare some Classic alfajouri stuffed with dulce de Covered with milk and chocolate.

First Let’s see the recipe and how to assemble y Finally, let’s see how we take a shower so that it is perfect for These vagabonds will need 175 grams of lard or butter a room temperature of the same amount powdered sugar 2 eggs 15 teaspoons of vanilla extract.

Half a gram of honey, grated Half a kilo of lemon flour 15 grams Bitter cocoa half a teaspoon Ammonium carbonate 25 grams of starch Corn or cornstarch and a teaspoon of baking powder about 700 grams of sweets.

Alfajores Marplatenses

Dulce de leche and About semi-sweet chocolate 400 grams To make the dough first we will beat butter at room temperature together With powdered sugar until soft.

The mixture becomes creamy if you don’t have one Electric mixer in this step too You can do it manually and get a file Same result.

When this is ready we add Vanilla essence, honey and The flavor of half a lemon and we bring it back to it Just beat for a few seconds until Combine these components.

Alfajores Marplatenses

Now we add one of the eggs and We keep shaking and then We do the same with the second egg  On the other hand, we’ll mix everything Together the remaining ingredients and We will sift it directly Pre-shake these dry ingredients We will add them twice.

I know in the end you will notice that it costs you a A little more in this case We finished merging with our own hands And Excellent now let’s roll the dough out of the plastic wrap and we’ll crush it a a little with your hands.

So Take it to the fridge until it gets cooler quickly It is also convenient to separate more in Two parts and wrap them separately.

Then when you tighten it You always have a cold dough Now we will cool the dough until Cool and firm when dough is made Ready, we’ll stretch it about 4 or 5 mm on a table Sprinkle flour and let’s cut Circles about 6 or 7 cm in Diameter.

Alfajores Marplatenses


Alfajores Marplatenses

We will put these circles On plates with parchment paper or silicone plates or not You don’t have either silver They should be in shortbread and flour These Fajouri appetizers are going to Cook in Magno preheated to 180 degrees for about 12 or 13 minutes.

When you notice that they are just starting Brown is ready Then we’ll let them calm down and Then we can go ahead to fill it in Usually whenever we do that alfajorcitos.

we fill in the part Inside but this kind of alfajouri It’s the other way around because we want it Face so straight edge Showers we also keep steering edges.

Alfajores Marplatenses

So the next step is to put a file Dulce de leche inside your sleeve Pastry maker with smooth nozzle and mode A little dulce de leche in the middle of hats if you like alfajores with lots of dulce de leche.

You can put more or if you like them Less put less now let’s cover With the rest of the hats and we go Press carefully so as not to break But what we want is sweet Milk is still a touch over the edge These immoral people as we are To return to the refrigerator.

So that The dulce de leche is laid out a little Firmer and then we can take a shower To take a bath, I will use a Glove because you have to put your hands Inside the chocolate.

Alfajores Marplatenses

But if you don’t want It’s also good if you’ll do that Need is straight and half spoon wide as one of these Show so far so far we have The fun part is here I already have melted chocolate and this you can Microwave Bain Marie Ho Exactly the same.

Now we will take the first Alfagor and There we will put it full Chocolate after we lift it We know if you are passionate about spoon To scrape off the surplus we will do Rotate and repeat the same with the other the side.

This is an important part that we will do Rest on the spoon and don’t do it We’ll hit the bol for that Discover the extra chocolate.

Alfajores Marplatenses

In this case we want to get all Chocolate that seems to be dripping So that it does not drain later It dries and has a left edge Too broad I don’t know if I know I get a lot of what I mean but If you want to take the test with one

you will do it Notice the difference When no more chocolate falls We will support on a plate of silicone or parchment paper and leave it A few minutes for chocolate solidify like choco

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