Nutella Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies – Recipe



Today’sĀ  we have a great recipe Easy and super rich we’ll be Make some chocolate biscuits Fill the ingredients with Nutella.

You need for this recipe Next 150 grams of butter or Butter 100g Sugar 100 grams of brown sugar or brown sugar One and a half teaspoons of essence Vanilla 1 egg and yolk 200 g Flour 40 grams of bitter cocoa Half a teaspoon of baking soda.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Half a teaspoon of sodium salt 1 teaspoon baking powder A A jar of Nutella and 250 gm chocolate chips For the cookie dough that we’re going to make Start beating butter on room temperature with mon types of sugar until soft Creamy for this.

You can use Electric mixer or whisk also Although it is with an electric mixer Much faster When you see it has taken on a medium color Pale scent with essence vanilla.

Now we will merge one of the eggs Then egg yolk This we will beat well and then We leave one side to the other side.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

We go To mix everything together the powdered flour Baking salt, bicarbonate, and cacao Let’s get rid of the dry ingredients On the main preparation for Just once and mix with a spoon until it is merged.

Finally we will add sparks of chocolate reserve a handful of it We will use later Mix again until chocolate that dispersed evenly and now is We’ll cover it with plastic wrap and Chill for at least an hour.

Before to use On the other hand we will put a paper Butter or wax paper on a plate Using the spoon we will form some of them Nutella balls Okay And We’ll take this to the freezer.

Also for at least an hour before that use When the appointed time passes We take both out of the fridge and What we’ll do is get a cake Dough Why are we going to dump it in it Center In this space that we left we put it One of the frozen Nutella.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Balls Then cover it with the same dough If the whole Nutella is not covered Add a little Nutella dough It should be well covered.

so I don’t know Melts and pops out the cookie for Cooking so let’s tighten Roll your hands and we’ll go Put another piece of paper on a plate Butter in the base of Nutella mushy fairly quickly once out of the freezer.

So it is better to take it out One or two at a time like us go using We will accept these cookies Leave a few centimeters between each one Since when they cook they will Enlarge the chips we reserved.

Before we’ll stick it outside Than cookies like these look so much more Appetizing and eye-catching We will cook these cookies in a file Man heated to 180 degrees about 15 minutes When we take them out of the oven, we leave them Cool before disassembled and now yes Eat.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies may be kept in Room temperature when I refrigerate I already put them in the fridge like this The Nutella in the middle hardens and I know it Someone will be very happy.

Today When I went to work , let me know What do you think if you are not here yet Sweet I invite you to do it Because I have many recipes and decorating lessons to share With you all now if I’m going I say goodbye today so much Good luck and see you later good bye

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