Baileys and Caramel Pound Cake



Hello everyone, welcome to sweet today We have a short  recipe So easy and super rich let’s go Make pie or dessert Bellis with caramel sauce.

But Before starting I would like to tell you I will use this type of template To cook my dessert, this contains 10 cup capacity and quantity.

Baileys and Caramel Pound Cake

The ingredients in this recipe will be For this type of mold Now you definitely have something in your house More like this is 15 x 25 and To use this type of template you are going to You need half the ingredients.

From this recipe now let’s get started Then the components you will go to You need the following 360g of brown sugar 270 g of butter or Butter 160 g of regular sugar 4 Egg 200 ml 2 310.

Teaspoons vanilla extract grams of flour and a teaspoon of Salt first let’s collect the inside butter pot at temp The environment along with my quality Sugar will beat this for a few minutes with an electric mixer until.

Baileys and Caramel Pound Cake

Baileys and Caramel Pound Cake

Let her get a hearty idea that The color becomes a little pale Then we will perfume it with Vanilla essence and let’s go Add eggs, one at a time.

Until it’s combined into each one instead From the core can also be used A few tablespoons of good coffee Concentrated.

Because it will go well with fences When we finished all the eggs We will mix salt with Flour we will sift half Dry ingredients for preparation Mix with the help of a spoon.

Now we add the buy list and mix it repeatedly Finally, we sift through the rest of the files Dry ingredients and mix until Achieving a homogeneous setting So, like I told you, let’s cook.

Baileys and Caramel Pound Cake

This pie in one of those beautiful Scandinavian leather moldings and that’s no longer I do butter and flour.

when I know They use templates with many details like This one you have to make sure they’re okay In butter 2, but when you loosen it does not happen You can break and there if you want to die With these templates for this step.

I I like to use a brush even though it requires more Work and more time keep calm It will be dismantled later Excellent then let’s dump Preparation inside the mold and we go To cook in a preheated oven between 160 degrees and 170 degrees for an hour and 20 minutes.

But before taking it to the oven We’ll deal him a few blows against Table to help the dough to enter Those corners and crevices of the mold are ready at once Let it cool and then if you don’t

Baileys and Caramel Pound Cake

We are breaking up for caramel sauce The ingredients you will need are next 80g lard or 100 butter gram of brown sugar 120 milliliters of Heavy cream or heavy whipping cream One tablespoon of glucose and one teaspoon Vanilla extract.

This sauce is so easy, first we go To melt the butter on the fire Little Then we add the essence Vanilla cream glucose and sugar Mix this up a homogeneous liquid and then raise Fire.

But not to the extreme but rather a average fire then when it breaks We will cook it on boiling for 3 Minutes Then we take it out of the fire, and here it is You can see how it was expressed.

Baileys and Caramel Pound Cake

If you want you can cover your candy Right when the sauce is still Hot I for my part do not want Covering the beautiful details I had for her Outside so I put the sauce in a jarrita part ibáñez all part to Separate when serving this sauce.

When it cools it thickens more What if you save it to use it more Late will need to heat it Turn until you have consistency.

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