Delicious Bundt Cake / Orange Pudding



Today’s  we have a great recipe We will prepare this rich dessert Or orange pie ingredients The next 180 grams of butter.

Or Butter 320 g Sugar 50 1 milliliter of orange juice 4 eggs Peel 4 of an orange 350 teaspoons vanilla extract grams of flour 140 milliliters of milk Half a teaspoon of baking powder Half a teaspoon of baking soda Sodium and half a teaspoon of salt.

This recipe is very simple, let’s get started first To beat lard or butter room temperature with sugar for 3 or 4 minutes.

Delicious Bundt Cake

Later while we keep doing it We will add eggs one by one And make sure to combine it well Before adding the following.

Then we will perfume Prepare with vanilla essence and Zest the orange  We will mix milk with On the other hand, orange juice Mix flour with salt Baking powder and bicarbonate.

Now we are going to sift a third Dry ingredients directly on Master mix and integration  Then we add half Milk and mix again.

We’ll do the same with another third dry ingredients after We combine the rest of the milk and The last remaining ingredients dry And  When a homogeneous mixture is formed and We no longer have the exact traces.

 Bundt Cake

Delicious Bundt Cake

we’re going to Pour into greased mold and crushed In the absence of one of these You can use round molds from them Its diameter ranges from 20 to 24 cm and If using a rectangular template Of the dessert you will need to make half from this recipe.

Then we click on it table and take them to the oven Preheated to 180 degrees for between 45 and 50 minutes I While this is in the oven.

let’s Make orange drink with 100 grams of sugar and 100 milliliters of Orange juice To make this drink simply We will combine both components Inside a bowl and that’s where we’re going Put it on medium heat once.

Delicious Bundt Cake

This liquid reaches a boiling point and we leave it  We will leave this at a cost Until the moment you use it When we take the pudding out of the oven, we will puncture several times.

Everywhere and We’ll clean it up later generously with drink  We will let this rest for 1 or more Two minutes and then back to a brushUh.

We will do Repeat once or twice and then Let’s break up Uh I Wonderful And  We clean it again with syrup and Let it rest for a few minutes We’ll repeat this until we’re done with all the drink.

Delicious Bundt Cake

Uh  Finally we will do a paint It is very easy for the one you will need 200 gm icing sugar and a little tablespoons orange juice.

For the glaze we will add Orange juice with a little sugar Quantity We’ll mix and add more juice until they have consistency Sliding but at the same time medium thick If you go with the amount of juice.

And It is so liquid that you can simply Add more sugar to fix it  Immediately bathe the pudding with Ice and with this we finish this mobile phone It can be consumed cold at temperature environment.

 Homemade Bundt Cake

Delicious Bundt Cake

As always I hope you enjoyed This is the video and if you decide to try it Recipe like that being said they thought I’m going for today Say goodbye good luck and even the following  And And And

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